Announcing: indie month 2016

Indie gaming 2016.png

Indie games have been steadily rising in popularity as of late, to the point that experimental games that are being developed by independent studios sometimes garner more hype and excitement than mainstream releases. A downside, then, is that I feel many of these great games are forgotten about much quicker. For a while it seems like everybody is talking about them, but a few months down the line you need to actively search for it in order to find a discussion.

That is why I wanted to take some time here to put these great games in the spotlight once again. Throughout August I will be putting out review on Mondays and Thursdays, with the exception of the last week when when the review will be on Wednesday (on account of the month ending). This adds up to 10 great indie titles that I really feel are worth revisiting. Some of these will be recent and some of these you may never have heard of. Look forward to the first review on Monday, August 1st 2016 when we will go on a quest to rebuild a shattered world.

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