We are taking a scheduled break + fun stuff coming up



Hi everyone!

We are taking a short break this week to spend time with our respective families during the holidays. Christmas and the new year are coming up and these are busy times, so we won’t be posting any reviews until January.

Fun surprise though! We are going to start off the new year with another indie month! Back in August we did an indie month where we once again put the spotlight on indie games that made some real buzz when they first came out, but have since faded from the public mind. With this extra edition we want to do the opposite: give some much-needed attention to indie games that few people know about. Stian will be actively partaking this time around, so there are plenty of reviews coming up.

There are also some changesĀ to the site coming up that I plan to implement on January 1st as well. This will make it easier to navigate Legacy of GamesĀ and find reviews for series that you are interested in.

The Legacy of Games team wishes you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Stay safe and watch out with fireworks!

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