Announcement: slight change in policy



Hello everyone,

It’s been almost a year since I started this project and about half a year ago when this one-man-army grew into a two-man-team. So far Stian and I have already been able to live up to Legacy of Games’ core goal: the reviewing of entire series with a retrospective as the final product. RaymanSly CooperTimeSplittersScribblenauts, and Max Payne have all been finished, with several other reviews sitting in our shared folder waiting to be proofread and published. 

With these first retrospectives published we have had the opportunity to reflect on our methods and we came to the conclusion that we need to make a change to our policy in order to fix an issue. That issue is Warhammer.

What I didn’t account for when first coming up with the recipe for this site are multimedia franchises such as Warhammer. Since this is a series known for its tabletop wargame, the video games that come out for it are but tie-in material and this changes how we should approach them. While you could see some similarities in the Warhammer games in days gone by, when they all belonged to SSI and later THQ, nowadays we have games set in the 40K universe coming out faster than we can actually review them. 


Furthermore, since the license to produce these games changes hands so often there is no real comparison to draw between the games. You could make broad statements like “the games were better before every random mobile developer could butcher the 40K license” and, sure, that has some value, but for a retrospective there is no point between comparing Space Crusade or Electronic Arts’ Vengeance of the Blood Angels to, say, Space Marine and Regicide. Beyond the 40K theme these games share nothing.

As such, we are adopting an exception to our usual policy when dealing with vast multimedia franchises that don’t find their root in gaming. We won’t wholly ban these titles from coverage, but instead our reviews will treat each entry as a standalone game or cut the series up in sub-series. For the Warhammer example this may mean cutting it up between publishers or by actual games, like doing a review of all Space Hulk or Blood Bowl adaptations. Since the damage is already done, though, our reviews of Warhammer 40,000 games are all standalone reviews now.

Apologies for this inconvenience and we hope you’ll continue to enjoy our reviews as we work to further improve this website.

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