Our schedule for august 2017


Sora no Woto

July is drawing to a close and I will be heading back to work next Monday, so it’s about time to reveal what we got planned for the coming month. Both Stian and I are busy planning a handful of themed events for the latter part of 2017, so we will be largely occupied with playing the games and writing the articles to make that happen. Even so, we got interesting things lined up for august as well!

Next month we are going to see the final reviews and retrospectives come out for a few long-running franchises we have been tackling for a while now. Among them I hope to finish A Link Between Worlds in time so that our Zelda retrospective is (currently) complete, but I can at least guarantee we will see the final reviews for Ratchet & Clank and Dynasty Warriors come out next month. Along with that, there will be a retrospective for Streets of Rage, as well as a few odd reviews and bonus articles for your enjoyment.

Things are going to get crazy in september and we got a lot to prepare, so I apologize for not having anything big to announce for august. Stay tuned!

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