Our schedule for september 2017


ReZero kids

We didn’t manage to do everything we wanted to do last month, partly because I underestimated how long A Link Between Worlds would be, but time moves on and it’s september again. While normally I’d like to catch up on the stuff we didn’t fit into august, last year september was the starting point of our very first bi-annual indie month. We are keeping this tradition alive, so the next few weeks we’ll put aside our usual coverage to bring you reviews for interesting indie games.

So far we have done a month highlighting once popular titles that have since faded from the spotlight and another where we covered a handful of lesser-known ones. This time around our theme is meaningful games, which probably deserves some clarification. All games are meaningful in their own ways, yet with this indie month we wanted to highlight indie titles that address social issues, current events, history, and culture. 

We are going to be doing more themed indie months in the future, so feel free to leave any suggestions.

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