Our schedule for october 2017


Soul Eater pumpkin

September is the month where we put indie games in the spotlight and I feel we did a pretty good job at it this year. We got to cover a wide array of interesting titles and are already planning for the next three indie months to come! But before any of those, we first have some special stuff to celebrate in october, the month of horror.

While we aren’t specifically beholden to horror as a theme, Stian has assured we will be seeing two series reviewed throughout this month. His choices are a bit of a surprise and I won’t spoil them quite yet, I’ll just say that I look forward to publishing his new pieces. I won’t be doing any spooky stuff myself though. I’ll be picking up coverage where I left off, so between Stian’s pieces we will be seeing the finalĀ Zelda review and retrospective come out.

On a side-note that some may have noticed already, Legacy of Games now has a little brother. On my new blog “Reasons to Anime” I will be posting anime reviews that are all about making a point and giving you five reasons to either watch or skip any particular show. Since I play more games than I watch anime, activity on this blog is a bit random, but I do intend to post somewhat regularly. If you like anime, then I’d appreciate it if you give it a look.

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