Our schedule for november 2017



October was a brutal month, there is no other way to put it. In-between working on my own stuff I was juggling Stian’s reviews for Castlevania and Gabriel Knight, as well as preparing for a rather big event we are planning early next year.

For the last two months of the year we are going to take it pretty easy and, while I don’t want to say anything definitive here yet, I am going to try and focus my effort on getting a few of Stian’s standalone reviews out. Partly because some have been sitting in our shared drive for a really long time and partly because I honestly don’t have the energy to get another franchise retrospective going this month.

We are also going to see a few articles coming out rounding off our adventures in Hyrule, with a fun countdown written by Stian being particularly interesting. We also have a debate in the works that was inspired by the recent popularity of Cuphead.

I may be tired, but that won’t stop us from keeping you entertained throughout november!

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