A sad little announcement


I have revised this announcement about… twelve times since I finalized the first draft, because it’s something I knew was going to happen and absolutely did not look forward to. The truth is that I have not been taking proper care of myself in my determination to write the kind of content I wanted Legacy of Games to be about, and at this point I am faced with more or less the same health issues I had while writing for Rely on Horror. I am doing too much in too little and a combination of overworking myself and feeling responsible to continuously improve and make more content is taking its toll on me.

The idea of an indie month with one game review per day was pretty rad, but foolish on my end and highlighted that this is not something I can keep doing. To keep the sob story short, I’ll be changing things on Legacy of Games around to be more laidback and feel less like an obligation. I’ll be writing less and my focus will be on editorial stuff, opinion pieces, and, most importantly, actually playing games I want to play. Forcing myself to tackle entire series was intended to be noble, but in practice it means I could never just play something spontaneously.

Legacy of GamesĀ WILL NOT close down and we will not be removing any content. In fact, I am determined to finalize and publish Stian’s remaining drafts and allow him to finish his series. However, the ads will return in a while and content will be a lot sparser, as opposed to the 2-4 pieces we were putting out before. I still stand by the original concept for the site, but I don’t have the free time and resources to keep delivering it.

To those who have read our articles, given us feedback, and shared our content, I want to thank you all kindly. Though it was hard and tiresome, I did have fun writing our reviews and working with Stian to publish his. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the rest of the upcoming content and stick with us as we go through these changes.

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