Summer Break



Hello lovely readers!

I am not sure how all of you are holding up, but right now, in Europe, we are all in the process of dying in a fiery apocalypse. Temperatures are once again hitting the high 30s and that may be pleasant for sexy beachgoers, but hermit gamers like myself are in for a tough few months. Stian is being spared the worst of it, but I have already had to turn down the settings on my games a few times to prevent the laptop from setting fire to my legs.

Gaming in these temperatures is not exactly pleasant, is my point. Fortunately, Stian has a healthy reserve of reviews I can proofread and publish throughout July, which is what most of the content will consist of. I will be writing some articles of my own, but expect content to be a bit sparser the coming weeks.

We do have an indie month lined up for August, after which regular coverage will resume once Europe has cooled down enough. Apologies for the break in content!

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  1. mr_tanaka says:

    I am not built for the heat. I once got sunburnt sitting by a window.

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    1. Casper says:

      Stay strong in these horrible times, my man.

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