Stian’s departure from Legacy of Games


Tragedy! Infighting! War!

As of today, Stian is no longer my partner in running Legacy of Games. After several talks about the matter and weeks of work, we have now established a separate website for him where he can post his reviews and express himself.

We have worked together for a long time and it has been a fun journey, but I felt that Legacy of Games was no longer the ideal place for Stian. I was not keeping up with his output anymore and failed to publish his reviews in a timely manner. A backlog of more than 100 reviews had piled up in our shared drive and this also prevented me from playing my own games and writing my own reviews and articles.

All of Stian’s work now been transferred to his new site and can be read alongside whatever new masterpieces he puts together. I encourage everybody to give Corrupt Save File a look (link below) and would like to thank Stian one more time for his many contributions to Legacy of Games and his role in earning this website the amazing community it has nowadays.

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