Koikatsu Sunshine Guide to H-Scenes

Please note: Koikatsu Sunshine is still new and English repacks are still work in progress. This guide may be updated in the future as more discoveries are made, DLC releases, and mistranslated information is corrected.

Currently, the guide is up-to-date with the extension pack and repack 6.0.

Befriending tips

As with the original Koikatsu, the main objective of the game is to befriend and eventually romance a cast of characters that you yourself can create. While this was an easy enough objective in Koikatsu, Sunshine has made this a slower and more challenging process. Small talk and recklessly throwing topics at girls can be a tedious, so here are a few tips for improving your relationships faster:

  • Farm topics early on and don’t exchange all of your 1 & 2 star topics right away. Sure, bringing up a 3 star topic is a big boost, but letting the girls bring up a topic and answering correctly can match that gain easily. Finding a balance between exchanging and stockpiling will be a powerful asset.
  • Use the shrine near the dock to gain a daily fortune. This will give you a randomly selected buff that changes how effective your interactions with the girls are, like making them extra susceptible to flirtation. This should probably be your priority on any new day to maximize the potential gains.
  • Buy access to the secret beach when you can. It often provides high-quality topics and is on the road where other topics frequently spawn anyway. You can find it on the thin path across the bridge from the jungle area.
  • After having done the deed with a girl, you can now use erotic topics on her to easily fill the H-meter back up. This is significantly more powerful than randomly molesting people.
  • Make a daily visit to the eggs in front of the lighthouse and the plants outside the guest house. Though not immediately helpful, these eventually grant you incredibly good topics. Afterwards you can reset their cycle through the points shop.

Hikari the tour guide

The tour guide Hikari is Koikatsu Sunshine‘s only story character, but she works very different compared to the girls from the last game. Instead of waiting for visual novel segments to spawn in, Hikari is always somewhere on the island and can be tracked from the girl overview. She can also be romanced.

To befriend and eventually seduce Hikari, simply go up to her and use every available action to present her topics. She will listen to any topic and her relationship meter moves fast, so don’t bother wasting any of your rare ones in this process. Once her meter has maxed out completely, begin asking her questions (the top option when speaking with her). She’ll begin dropping hints about her interest in you.

Pursue her for a few more timeblocks, making sure to keep asking her questions whenever you can. After a while (likely once you’ve done this in every place she spawns), a new “Confess” option will open up. Hikari will always accept and can then be invited to participate in normal H-scenes. There are no special cutscenes for her and she can’t be asked to follow you to unique H-spots, but she does have some unique dialogue.

Special H-spots

Hidden around the island are various places where you can initiate a special H-scene. These only work when you have asked a girl to follow you and you have already had sex with that character before. You’ll see pink heart icons appear in these locations, which you can walk up to and interact with to trigger the scene. Do not confuse these for the peeping tom icons or the special girlfriend scenes, which have similar icons. The following H-spots are currently known:

  • Unoccupied toilet stalls (girl may protest about going inside of toilets with you)
  • The fence of the tennis court
  • The tennis net
  • The art room of the campgrounds
  • The table-tennis set inside the campground building
  • The platform by the lake in the forest (opposite the toilets, do not confuse with the girlfriend icon at the bonfire)
  • The window of the aquarium
  • The benches opposite the bell on the cliff (next to the vending machines)
  • The boxes opposite the shrine (next to where Hikari is usually found)
  • The changing room in the clothes shop
  • The towel by the side of the pool, right next to the oil mini-game.
  • The couches in the lobby of the big hotel.
  • The table in the back of the food court inside the guest house

The Suite

With the extension pack installed, Hikari will introduce you to the suite at the start of the next in-game day. You can purchase access to the suite through the points shop (200 points), just like how you buy access to the secret beach.

From there, you can access the suite at any time through the hotel lobby. Simply interact with the staircase across from the hotel’s oil mini-game. The suite has several extra H-spots, including the bathtub and a pool. Girls can be asked to follow you to the suite or called through your phone like normal.


Like in the original Koikatsu, it’s possible to peep on girls in various situations. Spread throughout the island are various toilets where you can spy on girls and there are showers in the hotel where you can peep into as well. Simply look for the purple-pink icons that appear just outside of occupied stalls.

You can also peep on girls having a private moment or lesbian couples caught in the act, though these are rare and hard to find. I’ve had the most luck just outside of the aquarium and inside the campgrounds building. Either walk or crouch as you approach “busy” girls, preferable from behind, to reduce the chances of being seen, and press the interact button to peep.

Though devoid of special interactions, you can also sneak your way into various changing rooms across the island, as well as the bathhouse in the hotel. Do note that girls will quickly detect you there and run off.


Though not an H-scene strictly speaking, girls who have been befriended to the point where they will follow the player around can be brought to one of several places where an erotically-tinted mini-game can be played. These can be found on the platform by the hotel pool, by the closed door at the end of the hallway inside that same hotel, and on one of the towels by the beach.

This oil mini-game has you rub scented oils on your ladyfriend by wiggling the mouse around within a set portion of the girl’s body. You have a few charges that will yield Koikatsu points based on your performance before it reverts to a less-colorful oil that just lets you keep playing without this extra reward.

Girls who are suitably impressed with your oil skills can be asked to turn around for a different view and more opportunities to score points.

The Panty Fairy

This is unofficial content, but the fan-made Panty Fairy quest is included with repacked releases of Koikatsu Sunshine. You start this quest by finding a mysterious note, which spawns besides the pile of trash behind the accommodation with the tennis court. You’ll see a little icon that marks its location.

From there, head to the clothes shop by the dock and enter the changing room alone. You’ll get a dialogue segment introducing the Panty Fairy. She’ll ask you to collect panties for her, which can be done by heading to the hotel and entering the right-most door in the lobby. This is the locker room where girls will change into their bathing suites to use the pool or bath. Any locker where a girl has changed clothes is marked with an underwear icon, meaning you can attempt to steal from there. Simply walk up and interact with it, then deliver the goods back to the clothes shop.

You’ll then be tasked with stealing “fresh” underwear. This means waiting for a girl to change and then moving in to steal her clothes right after. I have not tested how much time you have perform the panties no longer count as “fresh”, but it was never an issue for me, even without rushing. Do note that girls will panic if they see you in the locker room and refuse to change, so consider waiting in a corner while prone. There is no penalty for being caught after the girl has already changed.

Once you have done this, the panty fairy will give you an ability that lets you magically steal underwear while the girls are still wearing it, and ask you to do this several times. Simply go to a girl and press the button to make an attempt. Their friendliness towards you and H-meter status influence success chance, so consider chatting or flirting beforehand if you keep missing. You’ll later get an upgraded version that lets you steal entire sets of clothes, which you’ll also be asked to do once. After several more panty thefts, the panty fairy will then thank you with one more spell (that lets you summon gusts of wind) before becoming a regular girl that you can befriend and romance.

4 thoughts on “Koikatsu Sunshine Guide to H-Scenes

  1. Can’t seem to get the panty fairy mod to work. It says macro.kkapi is missing and im not sure how to get it. Is there a link or a guide?

    Thank you


    • Sorry, I am not familiar with how to install mods by hand. I use the Better Repack release of the game where the mod is pre-installed and configured. Maybe you can download that version and copy the configuration for the mod from there?


  2. hello can you clarify “Girls who are suitably impressed with your oil skills can be asked to turn around for a different view and more opportunities to score points.” Can’t get the girl to turn around. i tried 3 times +3 points it only gives +10 points. Do i need 4 oil(1 from shrine) and make +3 points 4 times? Or some specific places to massage? or maybel relation level? Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good question! I had to run a few tests for this because the criteria is unclear. The only girls I have been able to get consistent results on were girlfriends with a high or full H-meter. It doesn’t matter whether they are virgins or not, you don’t need to get a perfect score, get the additional oil, or go to any specific place. Just play the massage game with a girl at any location, then start it up a second time after. You’ll know it worked because you’ll get another dialogue sequence (see the link below) where she asks to be oiled from the front this time. After getting it once, you can freely switch between front and back in any subsequent massage sessions with that girl.

      Personality, traits, and interests don’t seem to matter for this either, as I’ve been able to get it working on any girlfriend so far. I did try it on just friends, but wasn’t able to trigger the cutscene event on multiple attempts with a high H-meter. I’ll update this guide when I have more certainty.


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