Q: What happened to the retrospectives?

When I started Legacy of Games we attempted to focus on these extensive review series, but while that is interesting, we’d still end up in situations where we had to write about games in series we didn’t care much for. These pieces were tedious to write and rarely did we feel any pride in publishing them, because there was just no passion there.

We will still tackle a few series in their entirety, but I wanted to focus more on other projects and standalone reviews of games we just really love. Legacy of Games should be about how great these older games are and I don’t think the ridiculous detail with which we wanted to tackle these retrospectives was always the best format for that.

Q: What kind of articles will you do?

Of course, we’ll publish plenty of reviews, but alongside those, we’ll also be doing retrospectives where possible. In a retrospective we discuss a series as a whole, looking back on what it did right, what it did wrong, and what we expect of it going forward. We also have other articles, such as countdowns and storytime, where we reminisce about fun experiences we had in games. Stian and I will also be engaging in debates about certain topics and do the occasional opinion pieces.

Q: Are you looking for more people?

We appreciate it if people are excited about our work here and would want to help out, but the way we work isn’t suited for more than two people. Besides putting out pieces myself I also act as editor, meaning I help Stian with his content and do most of the formatting. Doing this for just one person is already really time-consuming and we have a long backlog of content that is ready to be checked, owing to Stian’s remarkable gaming and writing skills.

Any extra person would just add to the exhaustive list of writing I need to proofread and keep me from getting my own pieces out there.

Q: How do I know you aren’t being bribed by the developers/publishers/distributors/online platforms/fan base/environmentalists/lobbyist/the candle makers’ guild of London/some guy?

Under no circumstance do we accept review copies for the games we review. In fact, I stopped adding in the disclaimer because it was just that obvious to me that we aren’t going to be bribed by Nintendo to put in a good word for 30 years old NES games. We also don’t cover games we see at events or, indeed, accept any invitations to events. Advertisements visible on this website are selected by WordPress and we have no involvement in the selection of these nor do we reap any benefits from them.

We are also going to be tearing some games apart mercilessly, so I fear all the above organizations are more likely to send me a hitman than a bribe.