Q: What kind of games are reviewed on this website?

As mentioned in our mission statement, we strive to review each entry in a series of games and we don’t want to limit our writers. So the answer to the question is in our website’s slogan “Review Everything”. We will take on any genre and any age, shooters from just a year ago as well as puzzle games from the 80’s. There are only few exceptions:

  • Games with highly frequent releases that offer little innovation between titles. This mostly refers to stuff like sports games that are mostly just a yearly roster update with fancier graphics. It’s unreasonable to ask a reviewer to delve all the way back to the first entries of something like Fifa.
  • Interactive graphic novels and visual novels, as well as any other game that is arguably just reading. If the game offers a healthy degree of interaction it’s fine, but due to our format it would get really damn boring explaining what little gameplay visual novels offer over and over again.
  • Games that are impossible to obtain or too hard to emulate. Some games were just not preserved that well and live on in name alone. If a reviewer really can’t get something to work, then it’s fine to skip that.
  • Games that are illegal or far outside of the boundaries of good taste. We believe that games are art and will permit a whole lot more than other sites will, but games that are truly pornographic in nature, especially when it has vile content, are not allowed. Again, we are more open-minded about this than say Twitch, so expect to still see games with an age gate on this site.

Q: Can I work with you?

Short answer: yes.

Long answer: yes, but please keep in mind what we would ask of you. Writing about games is fun, especially when you have room to write about things you are passionate about. Still, this site demands quite a lot of you and I will interview you when you apply.

These are some basic demands we have for a co-author:

  • A deep interest in games and a long history of playing games. We are talking about well above ten years of experience here.
  • The willpower to play and review entire series. For some short series this is easy, but we want to be sure you can handle the challenge when you offer to start reviewing something like Final Fantasy.
  • The ability to acquire the resources needed to play the games. Be it through physical media that you own or through emulators, we want to make sure you can actually get games to work. Knowledge of emulators and DOSbox is a must.
  • English writing skills. Self-explanatory. We will want to see a demonstration of your writing when you apply.
  • A professional and friendly attitude. We are putting a lot of faith in you by letting you write here and want to be sure you’ll be a reliable asset. Be good to your fellow writers and they’ll be good to you.

I am still working on setting up  a formal email account, so send applications to pixelspeech@gmail.com for now.

Q: The WHOLE series?!?!?! (aka what is the writing process like)

This needs to be qualified a bit better. When a reviewer expresses interest in tackling a series we set up a plan together. This involves fragmenting the franchise into sub-series and debating which entries belong where. For example, Mario games are pretty easy to segment into parts. You got the Mario Party, Mario Tennis, Mario Kart, but then you might argue whether the 3D platformers are still part of the core series. Personally I’d say there should be a Super Mario series that includes 64, sunshine, and Galaxy, as well as a Super Mario Bros. series that contains the first three games and the newer ones.

Reviewers only volunteer for one sub-series at a time and oftentimes this will be the core series first. There is no obligation for them to also tackle the other sub-series when they are done with their first.

Q: What about games with no franchise at all?

For us, those are delicious snacks in-between tackling the big boys. We will review them with the same enthusiasm as the franchises.

Q: How do I know you aren’t being bribed by the developers/publishers/distributors/online platforms/fan base/environmentalists/lobbyist/the candle makers’ guild of London/some guy?

Under no circumstance do we accept review copies for the games we review. In fact, I stopped adding in the disclaimer because it was just that obvious to me that we aren’t going to be bribed by Nintendo to put in a good word for 30 years old NES games. We also don’t cover games we see at events or, indeed, accept any invitations to events. Advertisements visible on this website are selected by WordPress and we have no involvement in the selection of these nor do we reap any benefits from them.

We are also going to be tearing some games apart mercilessly, so I fear all the above organizations are more likely to send me a hitman than a bribe.