Mission Statement

I love to write.

Sometimes things are as simple as that. I also love games, by the way. For a few years now I have been able to combine those two passions by writing for Rely on Horror, a time I would describe as both adventurous and tumultuous. Still, horror limits my scope and one issue I never got over was that my passion for older games had to fall by the wayside. For a while I tried to make retro reviews happen, but my colleagues weren’t as excited and I began to focus on indie games for a few years.

With Legacy of Games I want to create a website where reviews exist for a bigger reason. For the commercial press, it’s essential to be covering the latest titles in a bid to be as relevant as possible. Knowing about past games is essential to provide in-depth commentary on the new ones, yet giving them elaborate reviews is seen as an extra, at least until the HD remake comes out.

I came up with the idea of making Legacy of Games when I tried to find out how various media outlets reviewed each individual entry in the Zelda series. With this, I wanted to create a graph that showed where different reviewers believed a series peaked, but this idea failed because only a rare, few websites actually had reviews for all entries. Thus, the four pillars of this Legacy of Games are as follows:

  • We review entire series or standalone games. The idea is to start at the beginning of any franchise and produce reviews for each entry. This provides a detailed retrospective on the series as a whole and shows where the reviewer feels that the franchise peaked or crashed.
  • A redundant, logical archive of said reviews. A review for a Zelda game should appear in a list of all Nintendo games, a list of all Zelda games, and a list of all action-adventure games. This makes reviews easier to find and provides a logical overview depending on the context the user found the review in, i.e. the same Zelda review can be compared to all other Zelda games or all Nintendo games, or even all games of its genre.
  • Honesty and integrity. Reviews on this website are supposed to reflect how it feels to play the game today. Is it fair to judge older games this way? Not entirely, but I feel that retro games that were really well-designed will still be fun to play today and reviews should reflect that. There won’t be any time travelers from 1982 on this site, so we shouldn’t write reviews intended for that demographic.
  • Writers should be free to write about whatever series they please. To this end, we don’t allow writers to “claim” a series. The first review we publish on any game will just use the name of the game for the title, but every reviewer after may publish his or her own second opinion on the game. We also don’t impose limits on our writers, nor do we force them to play specific series or games.

More questions? Check the FAQ.

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