Mission Statement

We love video games.

The video game industry is an amazing place and each year we see countless new games hit digital and physical store shelves. Games that entertain us, games that make us laugh, games that make us sad, and of course games that challenge us and let us experience things no other type of media can. We love these video games, but for the longest time, something bothered me.

I used to write for traditional games media and there we always worked tirelessly to keep our readers updated on all the latest game releases. After a while, I began to realize not everything we wrote about actually interested me. Even worse than a bad game is a game that just doesn’t inspire any emotion at all, and over the years I have often written about these way too often. So many, that I have long since run out of tricks to at least try and make an entertaining piece out of their reviews.

When I started Legacy of Games, I thought the problem was that I wanted to write extensive pieces on video game history. I began this website as a project where we would review every game in a series and produce an elaborate retrospective on it. While we might still do that, in time I noticed that even this was too big and didn’t solve the problem I had. I was still writing about games I felt nothing for, even in series I considered among my favorites. I want Legacy of Games to be informative, yes, but even more than that I want it to be a place of passion for video games.

Our goal with Legacy of Games is to talk about video games that might not be on everyone’s mind right now. Rather than talk about the newest hit titles, we want to return attention to games ranging from just last year, all the way to the early arcade days. These are games that excite us or that we felt inspired to write about, games that made us truly happy or frustrated us to end. Either way, these are games we hope you’ll enjoy reading about, just as much as we enjoyed writing about them.

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