Mission Statement

So, what in the world happened here?

Legacy of Games was started in 2016 and inspired by my love for compiling statistics. I wanted to look back on iconic gaming franchises and compile a bunch of data from different review outlets to see how each one rated the main entries in these series across their lifespan. I was curious to see if the opinions of multiple sources aligned and if different sources trended towards towards rating certain genres higher.

When I went to work on this, I soon discovered that few websites existed for long enough to offer all the information I needed and not all of them had their reviews from years ago still readily available. Meanwhile, gaming magazines didn’t have official scans of their old issues available in PDF and I wasn’t devoted enough to this idea to buy up a bunch of old magazines from whoever still had them lying around.

The only people who did have reviews of entire franchise were individual content creators; fans who did extensive retrospectives on their favorite series. So, instead of toying around with other people’s reviews, I figured I’d write my own and deliver some retrospectives of my own.

The idea took on and we expanded. My good friend Stian joined in to help keep up output, we hosted special events, and we kept growing. However, the idea of playing through entire series was a troubled one. It meant playing the same kinds of games for days on end and shifting all across gaming history. Trying to take on multiple series at once for variety’s sake only intensified the workload and cooperating with Stian meant I was pulling double duty as both the main contributor and editor. Stian had hundreds of reviews awaiting publishing and I began to feel like I wasn’t getting anything done at all.

We revised the concept for Legacy of Games multiple times. First, we broke up big series like the Warhammer universe, as there really was no main line to follow in them. Then we did away with the rigid structure of our reviews in favor of a more free-flowing style. In early 2020 we finally pulled the plug on the old concept and started anew.

Anew and alone.

Stian now operates the website Corrupt Save File where he finally gets to work at a pace ideal for him. He has a new (and improved) editor, which has afforded me the opportunity to improve my own work and actually play more games.

Having taken the frustrations of the past in consideration, I have now started a journey across gaming history. I began in the late 70’s and have been working my way through noteworthy titles of each year and provided reviews for them. For variety, I throw in the occasional indie review or opinion piece.

It has been a wild ride and I feel sorry for those who stuck around through it all and saw this website wrestle with its identity crisis for the past few years. I am now confident in the direction we have taken and feel like my output is steadily improving. I hope you have fun reading my opinions on various games and discovering titles you may never have heard about.

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