Stian “Slionr”

Origin: Norway
Occupation: Student looking for a job
Hobbies: gaming, walks, RP, Music and boardgames.
Favorite game: Chrono Trigger
Favorite musician: Pink Floyd, Toby Fox and Michiru Yamane to name a few.
Favorite RP: D&D, Call of Cthulhu and Warhammer Fantasy.

What is your history with games?

My first introduction with games was with games on a DOS-computer and I tried anything I could get my hands on, from Jazz jackrabbit and King’s Quest, to Caesar-and Ultima games. My father introduced me to a bunch of weird games that somewhat stuck to me (as well as educational-games). However, I got mostly into gaming once I got my first Playstation and even more in-depth when I had my Game Boy Color. After that, I wanted to get my hands on as much as possible. I was mostly into RPG’s when I was a kid, since I liked long games with strategy, but I warmed up easily to others and found a ton of games to experience.

Have you reviewed games before?

No, I have not. I always liked to talk about games and discuss them in great details, but I found a lot of my friends not really taking that interest. Casper, was one of the few people I felt I could really go in-depth and talk about our common likes, dislikes, and also see different perspectives. Due to that, I wanted to take a shot and thanks to him: here I am.

What kind of games to you like?

I like just about any kinds of games, I don’t want to shy away from things. Because of that, I am mostly intrigued by games that want to be something of their own, that want to be unique. Be it poorly done or unique, I can at least respect a concept. But in general, I am a huge fan of Metroidvanias and (j)RPG’s. To be honest, the only games that don’t really interest me are realistic sports-games. Some are enjoyable and fun, but I usually don’t find them interesting, since they usually don’t go beyond their concept.

What can we expect from your reviews?

I want to be as informative as possible, while not being to overwhelming in my reviews.

My focus, will be on the gameplay since interaction, in my eyes, is what separates games from other media. However, today games are so varied and different, I try my best to focus on what the game wants to be and if it does it well. I also studied art and music at college, so presentation will be more on the artistic level rather than the technical. Its how you could say I find Yoshi’s Island more visually appealing than Super Mario 64.

What do you do besides gaming?

As stated, one of my hobbies are roleplaying and I am usually a DM. I love to try out different kinds or rule systems as well as world-settings, at least when I get the time to. I do enjoy going to museums of art or history, listen to music or just grab a coffee with friends. I also play some card games from time to time, however I don’t have the time or economy to get as in-depth with them as I would like to.